Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Today we were lucky enough to go to national young leaders day where
we learnt to be proud of who we are. We also learnt that we always need to
have the right attitude and look at all the opportunity that come form our
mistakes. Over all it was great to see all different types of role models and
how they lived through all the struggles they went through in there life.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Catholic schools sports morning.

Ripper rugby was one of the many stations at the sports morning which was being run by me. This was a very exciting and energetic morning not just for the kids but for me also seeing that I just had to join in.

We had a range of people playing from the juniors to year 8 even those who did not want to be there even scored tries.

Over all I think we all agree that everyone had a blast and we are shore to do it again.  

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Christmas is on its way and I know what you're thinking, a great big holiday to get away with the family but… NO.
welcome to the 21st century when christmas has been lost with all the problem that the modern day world brings.  


Families are not always united on special occasions and one of the most important occasions is christmas.
When you're celebrating at home with some of your family the rest of them could be overseas waiting for the call from their mother, father or child to wish the a merry christmas. Their christmas wish could be at home with there family.
It is not always their fault.

People all around the world don’t even know what christmas is, they might have heard about it but chances are the have no idea that it means.
This is because the don’t have parents or homes or anything to help them survive till christmas day. If you think christmas is not about presents it is about the celebration of life for the birth of Jesus.

“Every day is about children they are so lucky.” that's what everyone says but really for a lot of kids all around the world they have to celebrate christmas with one parent because their parents are divorced.
Have you ever had to make a really hard choice and convince yourself to make the best decision, well imagine going picking between your Mum and Dad because thousands of kids have to every year.

In the end I hope you now see what has happened to our great celebration has turned and started to be depressing for many people over the world and I hope now that you see.